An exclusive health spa in far southern New Zealand. A fiery, beautiful local action star meets a buxom English superchef. Thanks to the talents of Dr Minxx, disgraced geneticist turned cocktail whiz, their secret love produces a wonderchild. Born of 2 eggs, she is destined to break many more as she turns the whole world into a glorious gourmet omelette. Dykella's birth Little Dykella grew up wild in the hills of New Zealand, practicing her innate cooking talent on anything that might prove edible. Fast, strong, nimble, hungry. Nothing feathered or furred could escape the curious toddler. The wee girl would occasionally complain of a rumbly tummy after trying mysterious berries and grasses, but none of her taste adventures damaged her superior genetic makeup. Soon Dykella started to drag her little playmates along. Some would get bored with this game, so she learned to subdue and restrain her friends - a star needs an audience.
At the exclusive British boarding school where she was sent to dull some of her antipodean edges, she continued to abduct her school friends and force
them to taste intriguing fox-and-hemlock pies and other fine feral foods. As she grew older Dykella gradually discovered that there were other fun games one could play with a tied up schoolgirl.

Dykella does meatSoon, through trial and error, Dykella's cooking though still adventurous became less life-threatening.
Even when a little poisonous it was of course preferable to boarding school food. She was a very popular girl.

For her 18th birthday her proud though still secret mummies gave their little Dykella her own darling first restaurant, as fabulous as it was short lived.
The fire was unfortunate, but nobody was seriously hurt.

Ms Lawless has risen from the ashes of her totally devastated first kitchen like a finger-licking phoenix to grace our tables, TVs, DVDs, cookbooks, movie screens, homewares stores and anatomically correct toys for all ages.

Globetrotting prima donna of cuisine brutale. Head chef to the finest restaurants in Khabul, Baghdad, Los Angeles, Mullumbimby. Princess AirwaysFood Designer for All Queer Airways Princess Class.

Ms Lawless is in love with the sensual beauty of food. She not only scours the world for the finest ingredients, she truly gives herself to them, makes love to them, strives to conquer and enter them, and to bring you along for the ride.

There is a lot of Dykella in every meal she prepares. Dykella Lawless throws herself into the kitchen with the unabashed joy of a dog who finds a 2 week old carcass on the beach.

Join Ms Dykella Lawless in finding true joy in the kitchen.

Enough of " just buy the freshest ingredients and treat them simply" : learn to cook with every pore in your body!

Learn Cuisine Totale™ - or stand back in awe, wearing impermeable garments, as Ms Lawless goes beyond to Cuisine Brutale™


Dykella in Lismorewood!

world premiere of " Jam in the afternoon" at the
Tropical Fruits Film Festival NYE '08

Dykella Lawless