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fire and passion and power tools.

Nuclear, not molecular gastronomy. Too many people are scared to cook. You can have fun and let go in the kitchen and still eat the results - usually. If fun for you is glamour, danger and the odd explosion, you will enjoy Cuisine Brutale. Very good for overall aerobic fitness too.



A very easy recipe.

Obtain :

* a few tender stalks ripped from the very heart of a fine head of celery, cut into hold and bite size pieces (depends on the size of your mouth and your hands, of course) equal quantities by bulk of
* mascarpone (or if you live in the wilderness, 1/2 cream 1/2 butter)
* gorgonzola or other mild blue cheese
* finely chopped real parsley(Italian/continental/flat leaf)

Mix the parsley, mascarpone and blue cheese together.
Slap a bit on the end of your bits of celery. Arrange decoratively.


Another outrageously simple and delicious finger nibble

Obtain :
* some of Dykella's Extra Firm Tasty Mayo™, with an added touch of lemon zest
* small cooked peeled prawns - you can use larger ones and cut them up if you prefer, but the little ones are usually tastier and more environmentally friendly (yes I'm sexy and green - it's possible)
* peeled round slices of Lebanese cucumber

Place a little Dykella's Extra Firm Tasty Mayo™ on a slice of cucumber.
Top with a prawn.
Pop delicately into your mouth with no danger to your lipstick

Dykella's MuffinsMiniMushyMuffs - dainty and delicious, these muffs will have you begging for moooore please miss



Dykella's lambDykella's famous Lamb in Gumboots - harking back to her New Zealand roots, truly orgasmic lamb



mayoDykella's Extra Firm Tasty Mayo™

is yours runny and tasteless? Do you often have embarassing failures?

Follow Dykella's tips and you will never again hear those terrible words "don't worry, it happens to everyone"Dykella



Dykella in Lismorewood!

world premiere of " Jam in the afternoon" at the
Tropical Fruits Film Festival NYE '08

Dykella Lawless